Sanskar Diksha

Sanskar Diksa

Sanskara Diksha is going beyond attachment of body, attachment of mind and attachment of desires. It has awareness. Sanskara Diksha is body, mind and all the five senses awareness. In Sanskara Diksha your physical senses are brought into the astral senses. It is co-related with sun power. Sun will come in front to be prayed.

In Sanskara Diksha you are free from past memories, you are free from the future desire. You are brought to the centre of yourself, which is called nucleus power within yourself. That nucleus is your omnipresent. You are totally with being. With no past, no future, no good, no bad. Free from all the dimensions, imaginations. Free from all visions, dreams. It means you are in the present which is called “Time” , called “KAL” or “TRUTH”.

You are in oneness to yourself. You are not senses, you are not mind, you are not vital energy. You have no organic system. You have no action, activities of any energy. Just you are present in yourself, without karma, without will. This is SANSKARA DIKSHA. Just you are left to be enlightened. The aura of enlightenment, godliness is just surrounding you. You become a master of yourself. There is no distance between you and supreme one. But enlightenment has not come to you. You are just Godliness. Just you are a pilgrimage. You are brought back from your environmental worldly affairs, spiritualness to yourself.

Now you have left to uncover the clouds which your Asmita, Ahankara , Man, Buddhi, Chidda Ananda. The Sanskara Diksha comes direct through the master.

It has a great science travelled to you through the Pranic enlightenment. It travels to centre and centre to origin, because your life is divided in three dimensions.

It is your lunar system. It is your solar system and it is your cosmic system. You are bound to live with these three systems.

There is general life.

There is also a life called or known as:

  1. Bramha Granthi: Creative life or creative energy
  2. Vishnu Granthi: Responsible life . Taking care of needs.
  3. Shiva Granthi: This life controls the death / Nirvana.

In Sanskara Diksha just with yourself, clouds of these three granthis (knots) is there. Sanskara Diksha frees you from karma. All your Hath Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Sahaj Yoga comes within Sanskara Diksha. One does not need to do all these.

Just Sanskara Diksha helps you to go through “Karmashaya” or your all accumulated good and bad deeds.

Karmashaya is connected with your Bramhgranthi and Vishnugranthi. Guru Diksha and Sanskara Diksha frees you from all these things.

You are ready to enlighten, ready to realize, ready to enter into Supreme Samadhi. You have already Sampragyana for success in life.

You are already meeting challenges of life. It is with your Vitarka. All the energy is concentrated with power of physical elements.

  1. Vitarkanugat
  2. Vicharanugat
  3. Asmita
  4. Ananda

It all comes within the Sanskara Diksha. It is called Samadhi with body, with thought, with ego and with inner core. Till Ananda we experience this , so we call “Chitta”.

These are the greatest experiences of the human being.

Chitta is your budhi.

Chidda is your Mahatatva, it is all your Universe (Bramhand).

You have everything but not self realization. This is all your fulfillment but not satisfaction. You are within the orbitation of the creative world. It is not your nirvana, moksha, kevalya. You have to go through the power of Sankalpa. You are master but you are not a Yogi. You are Siddha but you are not a Yogi.

You are very close to Visshudha i:e true Satva. A Supreme self is eagerly awaiting for it. Just you have to take a step ahead. You are in the bosom of Supreme Self. It means Sadguru is waiting for you. He is waiting to dance, laugh, celebrate because your realization is his dance, his freedom. Your aloneness is his aloneness.

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