Sankalp Diksha

Sankalp Diksa

The Sankalpa with Samadhi comes to you if you are ready. A great divine word. A great divine touch comes in the Sankalpa. Diksha which brings Samadhi of Asampragyat, Nirbija, Nirvikalpa.

The origin of everything that is called nothingness, then just Samadhi Diksha happens. You are beyond your body mind and soul. Your body goes into Samadhi with all “Karmashaya”. Your mind goes into the Samadhi with all the senses, will, desire and you go into the Samadhi of yourself, being and this Samskara just does not bring enlightenment and realization. This Samadhi brings as a whole as a virata. Nothing secret, nothing mystery in the world which is left. You are no more person, no more personality. You become abode of Samadhi. As Arjuna saw in Krishna, Virata like that you experience yourself as Virata. Samadhi is ocean, Samadhi is space, Samadhi is aloneness. Samadhi is nothingness. Samadhi is origin of everything.


NOTE : If you happen to be through all this Diksha then you need not to suffer practice. Your practice is your doubt. Your practice is your conflict. What you have to practice, you have doubt. You cannot decide it. Without practice purification cannot come. Purification needs Ashtanga yoga, kriya yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Sahaj Yoga, through all these things you can enter into Bhav Yoga.

Your Bhava is your ocean.

Your Bhava is not your imagination

Your Bhava is not your visualization.

It is just like “Gopika” in love with lord Krishna. Going beyond mind. It is so deep , where mind, intellect, chita, ahankara (Ego) dissolve. All these things are very important . But what is more important is your belief. You are not forced to surrender. Let surrender happen. In all this process of Diksha your awareness is important. Your alertness is important. Your understanding is important.

Have you dedicated, devoted , surrendered.

When surrendering happens there is no mind.


We are going to practice all these types of Diksha.

We are going to make you ready and this will happen.

What more auspicious occasion than “KUMBH”.