Founded with the blessing of Pilot Babaji!

Charity Organization «Charity Foundation «Pilot Baba Foundation» (shortly the Fund) is a charitable organization in its matter and form and is not intended to make a profit. The Fund was created to accumulate material resources and funds to organize the arrival to Ukraine of Pilot Babaji.

A certain amount of money must be collected to organize Pilot Babaji's arrival. All these funds will be used to fulfill the statutory tasks of the Fund, namely: the arrival and stay of Pilot Babaji in Ukraine; financial support, if necessary, for those who need it in the form of free food and other essential human needs for the duration of Pilot Baba's stay in Ukraine. When the necessary sum is collected, then the Fund begins to implement its statutory task – the arrival of Pilot Babaji in Ukraine.

If there are some extra funds left after Pilot Babaji's arrival, the Fund's funds cannot be shared between the Fund's members but remain in the Fund's account and will be used for the next Babaji's arrival.

Liquidation of the Fund is accomplished by the decision of the General Meeting, the Chairman and the Founder of the Fund or by court decision in cases stipulated by the current legislation of Ukraine. Upon termination of the Fund, its funds and property may not be distributed among the Fund's members. All Fund's assets must be transferred to one or more relevant non-profit organizations or transferred to the state budget of Ukraine in accordance with the requirements of the Tax Code of Ukraine on taxation of non-profit organizations.

When you consent to the donation, you agree with the Statute of the Fund to use the funds for the purposes of the Fund and accept the terms of the payment banking systems and agree that the amount donated is not refundable.

Funds are accepted:

  1. to the account of the Fund;
  2. to the Fund's bank card (card-key to the account);
  3. via online payments on the site (tax 2.5%);
  4. or in cash directly to the heads of the fund: Amrita (Olexandra Kulish), Yogi Isha (Yurii Semenchuk), Amris (Andrii Maksymchuk).

All donations will be displayed on the website of the Fund under Report menu. If your donation is not displayed, please report it by phone +38 068 025 4248 or by any other way.